Verviers (Belgique)

From February 15 to March 1, 2020 

Exhibition at the Verviers Museum of Fine Arts: “200th Birthday of Henry Vieuxtemps”


Dreieichenhain (Germany)

February 17, 2020 

Exhibition in Dreieichenhain

“Henry Vieuxtemps and his family in  Dreieichenhain  from 1855 to 1864 »
-At the  Sprendlingen City Hall from February 17, 2020;
– then from April 27 to May 31 and from July 1 to October 31,2020 at the  Dreieichenhain Cultural Hall.

Toulouse (France)

  November 21 & 22, 2020 

Tribute to Vieuxtemps at the National Music Conservatory in Toulouse (France). Organisation: Vadim Tchijik.

Vieuxtemps exhibition at the conservatory.