Izmir (Turkey)

January 5, 2020 


– With the Izmir Symphony Orchestra.
– Conductor: Alexander Anissimov.
– Violinist: Alexander Markov
– Fourth grand concerto for violin in D minor Op 31 by Vieuxtemps

Lecture by Agnès Briolle-Vieuxtemps

The concert will be recorded and broadcast on the TRT, Turkish télévision, with an interview of Alexander
Markov and Agnès Briolle-Vieuxtemps.


Voronezh (Russia)

February 14 and 15, 2020

Symphony concert. Tribute to the violinist of the tsar Nicolas: Henry Vieuxtemps. Directed by Igor Verbipsky – violinist: Francois Pineau Benois. Vieuxtemps’ 5th grand concerto for violin in A minor opus 37.
– Lecture about Vieuxtemps by Agnes Briolle Vieuxtemps


Dreieichenhain (Germany)

February 15, 2020 

For the bicentenary of the birth of Henry Vieuxtemps in Dreieichenhain in Germany.

Tribute to Vieuxtemps: Chamber music concert, lecture and placing of a memorial plaque on Vieuxtemps’ house.


Verviers (Belgium)

February 16, 2020 

Musical lecture by Louis Bernard Koch, intersperced with musical excerpts performed by the violonist Philippe Koch and the pianist Christiane Rutten, at the Verviers Museum of Fine Arts on 16th February 2020.


Madeira (Portugal)

March 14, 2020

Symphony concert: tribute to Vieuxtemps by the Symphony Orchestra of Madeira, directed by Nicolas Krause. – Cellist: Dimitri Silvian
– First grand concerto for cello in A major op 46.
– Lecture about Henry Vieuxtemps by Agnès Briolle-Vieuxtemps

Dreieichenhain (Germany)

April 26, 2020 

– Music Chamber Concert : tribute to Vieuxtemps.
– Violinist : Rafael Betancourt, pianist : Klaus Cutik.
– Concert and lecture at the church of Dreieichenhain castle.


Hyeres (France)

Third week of September 

Tribute to Vieuxtemps in the International Music Festival of Hyeres. Organisation: Vadim Tchijik. Venue: Theatre Denis or Collegiale Saint Paul.

– 5 music chamber concerts

Lecture on the composer by Agnes Briolle Vieuxtemps

Toulouse (France)

  November 21 & 22, 2020 

Tribute to Vieuxtemps at the National Music Conservatory in Toulouse (France). Organisation: Vadim Tchijik.

– Lecture on the composer by Agnes Briolle Vieuxtemps and teachers’concert at the ‘auditorium saint Pierre des Cuisines’ in Toulouse.

– Master class by Gerard Poulet. Venue: salle Varese at the Music Conservatory and lecture on the ‘Franco-Belge’ school of violin by Agnes Briolle Vieuxtemps. Students’ concert.

– Vieuxtemps exhibition at the conservatory.

Lublin (Poland)


Tribute concert to Henry Vieuxtemps with the Wieniawski Symphony Orchestra
– Conductor: Wojciech Rodek
– Violinist: François Pineau-Benois
– Fifth grand concerto for violin in A minor Op 37 by Vieuxtemps
Lecture by Agnès Briolle-Vieuxtemps